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With over ten years of pressure bombing experience, Pressure Bomb Express is your one-stop shop for dialing in a pressure bombing program on your farm. Whether you are just learning about pressure bombing and need guidance finding the right products or you are already pressure bombing, we will help you source the appropriate products and train your team on how to properly take the readings. Take advantage of our no commitment two-week trial and unlock your pressure bomb’s full potential by pairing it with our grower tested and approved app. No more guessing if you are over or under watering your trees. Leave your farm everyday feeling confident that you are giving your trees what they need, when they need it.

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"Just updated my subscription! This is a great site, I was just telling my parents that I've paid off the subscription 10x over in just one year!"
Brian Abe
Abe Farms
“Loved the app this year. I had a great improvement in my edible yields over previous years. Super happy!!!”
Tyson Schmidt
Colusa Farms
“This app has been a game changer in our walnuts! We have been able to go from 6,000 lbs./acre in 2015, to 7,000 lbs./acre in 2016 and now 7,750 lbs./acre in 2017! We couldn’t be happier.”
Ken Kaplan
American Almond Orchards
"Real time irrigation management decisions are critical to our farming operations. Pressure Bomb Express has been a great tool for collecting, organizing, and interpreting field data in an efficient and timely manner. This has helped us to fine tune our irrigation to effectively meet the ever changing needs of our trees."
Brian Bly
Hart Farms
“Pressure Bomb Express takes pressure bomb data and immediately turns it into relative information to help make irrigation scheduling decisions.”
Will Martin
Capay Farms
“Pressure Bomb Express makes actionable pressure bomb data available instantaneously to irrigators and managers. The phone app is also super convenient for irrigators and managers.”
John Monroe
Done-Again Farms
“Pressure Bomb Express has helped us fine tune our irrigation timing and frequency over the past two years. The app allows us to get real time data and graph it with previous entries to determine trends and pinpoint ways to be more effective and efficient in our irrigation practices.”
Steven Koehnen
C.F. Koehnen & Sons, Inc.