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Ryan Kaplan is a pioneering figure in agricultural technology, particularly in the field of pressure bombing, through his company, Pressure Bomb Express. With over ten years of hands-on experience in pressure bombing, Kaplan and his company have become the go-to experts for farmers needing to optimize their irrigation practices. Pressure Bomb Express offers comprehensive solutions for those either new to pressure bombing or seeking to enhance their existing programs. Their services range from product guidance and procurement to team training on accurate reading techniques, emphasizing a data-driven approach to irrigation that minimizes guesswork and maximizes water efficiency.

Under Kaplan’s leadership, Pressure Bomb Express has developed a unique app that streamlines the data management process involved in pressure bombing. This innovation came from Kaplan’s own experiences in agriculture, where he observed firsthand the challenges of interpreting vast amounts of data from pressure bomb readings. His solution was an app that not only manages this data but also provides easy-to-understand reports, helping farmers make informed decisions about their irrigation needs. This tool is reflective of Kaplan’s broader commitment to using technology to solve real-world problems in farming, making advanced irrigation practices accessible to a wider range of growers.

Kaplan’s background in farming, with his family growing almonds, pistachios, and prunes, has given him a deep understanding of the sector’s needs. His insights into the agricultural challenges faced by farmers, combined with his technological acumen, have positioned Pressure Bomb Express as a leader in agricultural innovation. The company’s focus on practical, technology-driven solutions reflects Kaplan’s vision of a more efficient, sustainable future for farming.