Are you REaching your orchards full potential?

With our simple to use app designed for farmers by farmers, log pressure bomb readings from the field right from your phone, tablet or computer and immediately receive feedback to help guide you to ideal irrigation conditions for every growth stage.

What is a Pressure Bomb?

A pressure bomb is a suitcase size transportable plant based irrigation management tool. This tool allows a grower to go out into their orchard, take a leaf sample off of their tree, put that leaf in a chamber with the stem sticking out, pressurize the chamber with nitrogen and watch the stem with a magnifying glass until water comes out. The amount of pressure it takes to get to that point allows the grower to know just how stressed their orchard actually is.

Why is this so important?

Non bearing acreage continues to increase at an amazing rate which will eventually cause the supply of commodities to grow, farmer input costs continue to rise and resource regulations are getting stricter and stricter. In order to maintain profitability through these times growers will need to be able to produce higher yields of excellent quality with fewer resources. 

What better way to accomplish this than by giving their trees exactly what they need when they need it?

Pressure bombs make this possible.

How does our app help?

Pressure bombs provide growers with the most accurate plant status information to make their irrigation management decisions. However, as growers dive into building a pressure bombing program they quickly realize that interpreting and analyzing all of the data can be time consuming and confusing. With our simple to use app designed for farmers by farmers we streamline the process allowing them to do better things with their precious time.

Could you be missing out on $750 per acre?

It's well documented that using pressure bombs and Pressure Bomb Express can lead to better yields, quality and overall orchard health.

Check out how much additional revenue PER ACRE you could be missing out on:

Taking pressure bomb readings 1x per week costs ~$7.00 per acre and ~$14.00 per acre 2x per week. This includes buying a pressure bomb, signing up for pressure bomb express, purchasing a tablet, four-wheeler and hiring an employee to take the readings.

The Numbers Don't Lie.

Begin earning more today while at the same time increasing your overall orchards health and giving you the ability to maximize your crops full potential year after year.

Your bottom line and overall orchard health will thank you.

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