UC Validated
Pressure Bomb Sensors

Finally, daily pressure bomb readings without the labor.

We’re excited to announce we’ll have new pressure bomb sensors that work seamlessly with our app in 2024.

About the Sensors

The sensors are microtensiometers embedded into a tree scaffold that make contact with the xylem tissue. This connection lets you see the tree's stem water potential (i.e., stress level) every day. SWP is the exact measurement you get from the pressure bomb and differentiates this sensor from any other currently on the market. No correlations or complicated algorithms, only real stem water potential.

UC Validation

Receiving an accuracy blessing from Ken Shackel is hugely important to us. As farmers, we are constantly bombarded by new technology offerings, and it is hard to choose which to trust. Ken is one of the brightest minds in irrigation science and has had the chance to try all three of the newest technologies side by side. These sensors are currently the most accurate available.

The Perfect Combo

No two farming operations are the same. Integrating these sensors with the Pressure Bomb Express app allows you to combine manual pressure bomb readings and sensor data all in the same format. Schedule a consultation today to find the perfect fit for your farm.